WXtrack Extras for Registered Users

Satellite status pop-up

A Satellite Summary form is available by right-clicking the World Map display - includes MA display, nearest city in addition to azimuth, elevation range etc.


GPS Prediction Mode

(Note that the quadrant selection check boxes are only available in V3.4.0 onwards.)


"Radar" mode extras

In the registered version, you can control the date and time for the Radar mode displays, and set a threshold elevation for the display.
In the GPS display, the number of satellites in each quadrant is shown (from V3.4.0 onwards)


Tracker testing options

Use the Z and X keys to toggle a preset offset allowing you to confirm that a dish is correctly positioned.

Point at a specified azimuth and elevation, and track the Az/El values if you want.

Point at a specific position in the sky and optionally track the requested position.

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