WXtrackGL at work



This screen grab shows WXtrackGL at work.  I used the scroll bars to locate myself just to the north of the equator.  You can see the earth, with a relief map superimposed, and the tracks of a number of satellites.  The orbit of my primary satellite is shown as a red circle.  You can substitute your own surface image on the earth, making WXtrackGL capable of viewing a variety of information in a 3D format.

You can download WXtrackGL and use it free of charge.

Whether you want to work in real-time, or step ahead a month at a time is up to you.  Keep a constant viewpoint above your home location or anywhere on the earth, or fly along with the satellite.  The program's status bar maintains a continual display of time, viewpoint, and satellite position.

Another use for WXtrackGL is as a viewer of world information presented in a rectangular projection.  For example, here is combined thermal information from the world's geostationary satellites (produced by GeoSatSignal) showing white cloud areas superimposed on a shaded background map.

The composite rectangular image can be displayed in 3D and rotated to view as you wish.  In this case, the viewpoint has been set above Florida.

World showing cloud thermal overlay


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