Repeater Levels
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Repeater Signal & Noise levels

Data taken from a simple folded dipole antenna, loft mounted.  Measurements made on an ICOM IC-R8600 with a custom program.  
Noise and signal levels are made from multiple measurements with the median value being plotted.  For noise, multiple multi-sample 
runs are taken and the lowest median plotted.  For signal the repeater is triggered on and the highest median plotted.

  • Updated daily, usually before 07:30 local time.
  • The hardware for GB7EU was changed between Apr-28 and May-03 resulting in a level change.
  • Something unknown happened to GB7SQ between 2020-Nov-30 and Dec-02 dropping the level by ~3 dB.


  • Judging from the levels above, it seems that SNR is driven more by the noise than the signal level, 
    although both GB3ED and GB7EE do show a gradual level change.


  • Noise is the simple average of the four dBm levels measure individually.


  • Before lockdown, there was a clear pattern of lower noise at weekends.  As the antenna is in the middle 
    of a housing estate the noise pattern will be different to a more industrial location.


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