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GPS DOP and millimetre error - Edinburgh, Scotland

All data from Raspberry Pi 4 (2 GB RasPi-25) using a Uputronics GPS/RTC module with an outdoor antenna.
The module (a u-blox MAX-M8Q-0-10) is set to use all three GNSS constellations.   Location: 55.9° N, 3.2° W
Values are those reported by the u-blox firmware.

DOP - Dilution of Precision
Horizontal DOP
Vertical DOP
(smaller is better)

Estimated position error
2D error (EPH)
Altitude error (EPV)
(smaller is better)

Number of satellites visible and used
Potentially visible
Actually used

Average SNR
GPS SNR average

Other periods: day week month year

How were these plots generated?

Using the Raspberry Pi as a Wi-Fi Plane Plotter server
Installing and configuring the Raspberry Pi
Using the Raspberry Pi as a stratum-1 NTP server

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