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GPS DOP and millimetre error - Edinburgh, Scotland

All data from Raspberry Pi 4 (2 GB RasPi-25) using a Uputronics GPS/RTC module with an outdoor antenna.
The module (a u-blox MAX-M8Q-0-10) is set to use all three GNSS constellations.   Location: 55.9° N, 3.2° W
Values are those reported by the u-blox firmware.

Estimated position error - peaks well above the average may indicate solar storm activity
2D error (EPH)
Altitude error (EPV)
(smaller is better)

DOP - Dilution of Precision
Horizontal DOP
Vertical DOP
(smaller is better)

Number of satellites visible and used
Potentially visible
Actually used

Average SNR
GPS SNR average

Other periods: day week month year

How were these plots generated?

Using the Raspberry Pi as a Wi-Fi Plane Plotter server
Installing and configuring the Raspberry Pi
Using the Raspberry Pi as a stratum-1 NTP server

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