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This page has developed into a small record of some of our holidays.  I'm trying to keep each holiday to a single page, and in the Sweden 1998 and Svalbard 1999 pages I have used the normal convention of having small images, on which you click to get larger images.   This means the pages will download quite quickly for you, and you only need to view images at full size that actually interest you.  Early images were taken by David with his digital camera, but some were scanned in from Cecilia's negatives.  Later images are all with our digital cameras.

As the Eclipse 1999 page resulted from an article request, the images there are larger without a click-for-bigger option.  However, I'm conscious of load time so I've keep the page total down to just 170KB - although of course bandwidth is a little less of a concern than it was last year.....

As yet, Silverstone 1999 to Australia & Malaysia 2008 are waiting to be written up (ahem!), and many other business or pleasure trips are waiting as well!

More recently, our Antarctica 2009 page has been published, and our 2010 Northern Norway winter holiday has recently been written up.  "A Baltic Symphony" cruise in May 2011 is the next trip-in-waiting.

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