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Early hardware
In the field
Using the PC
Quality Settings
A new camera
Current cameras
Moon images
iPad3 samples

In which pages my early experiences with Digital Photography are recounted....

I've always been keen on photography, so it's not surprising that when my interests in computing and photography met I ended up getting a digital camera.  Here I tell the story of getting used to using a digital camera and give some useful hints and tips to intending digital photographers...

First there's a description of the hardware, then some notes on actually using this hardware in the field, information on how my PC is used, some notes on what Quality setting to use, a note on the next upgrade step, and finally an update on our current cameras.  Our experiences with rechargeable batteries have resulted in some battery recommendations.  I've also written some software - including a slide show utility and the program they said could not be written - TVwriter - to return processed images back to compact flash for making an in-camera slide-show.

I host a couple of pages for other folk as well, Dave Martindale's explanation of why rotating a CCD sensor at 45 degrees may give better pictures, and Miles Hellon's details about setting an absolute focal length on the Coolpix 990.

If you'd like to see some pictures taken with my camera whilst on my travels, take a look at our 1998 Swedish holiday, 1999 Svalbard holiday or 1999 Total Eclipse pictures.

Larry Berman's site has info on the CoolPix and much more!


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