TechnoTrend S-2400
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Using the TechnoTrend S-2400 box

Harry H. Arends writes:

I want to let you know that I have the system running under VISTA.  To do so I followed this road and it was done in 20 Minutes:

  1. First removed all known TechnoTrend and T-Systems software, including the drivers in the System32 map.  Also at this point disconnect the S-2400 device.
  2. Install the EKU first and run the cleanup_v4.5.bat file.
  3. Connect the S-2400 to the system and let the BDA driver be installed.
  4. Start in the map DVB-Software/TechnoTrend/3rdParty/DriverSetup DriverSetup.exe and let the network card be installed.
  5. Using the Network Centre changed the IP address of the DVB changed to
  6. Using Firefox as my standard browser i disabled eToken in the Encryption tab.
  7. Installed after that the T-Systems software and restarted the system.

Whilst the hardware was already running using XP, after that data came in directly using Vista instead.


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