Automating Startup
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Automating Startup

One issue with both the Dexatek and DVBWorld applications is that they don't appear to support command-line switches so that you can just put them into the Startup folder, and have them start automatically every time you start Windows.  One way round this is to use a program which automatically presses the right keys for you, and a brief search on the Internet found the free AutoHotKey program.  I suggested to Arne van Belle that he might like to try this program, and here is his report.

Please note that this may not be required with more recent versions of the Dexatek or DVBWorld software.

Installing AutoHotKey and recording the script

  • Download the current version of the software ( at the time of writing).
  • Double-click on the file AutoHotkey104705_Install.exe, and follow the default prompts.  The program may require your permission to run.
  • Started "AutoScriptWriter (Recorder)" . In this window use the Browse button and go to the exe file that launches reception (C:\Program Files\DVB World\DVB World.exe)
  • Then press the Record button to record your script.  
    • Now the DVB program starts.  Wait until reception starts.
    • Press the Stop button in the DVBWorld window (this will stop TV reception).
    • Next, press the IP button once to start IP service.
    • Finally, press the minimize button in the upper right corner.
  • Press the STOP button that AutoScriptWriter popped up after hitting the record button and SAVE the recorded script under "StartDVBworldIP" for example.

Using the script you recorded

Make a shortcut from this script to the desktop and add this shortcut to the Startup group.

Now every time when windows boots (or when you double click "StartDVBworldIP" on the desktop) DVBWorld will launch and start IP service and minimizes to the system tray!

As the Button layout of the Dexatek software is different and AutoHotKey uses coordinates, we will have to offer two different scripts and updates if the position of these buttons change.

What's in the script?

Contents of StartDVBworldIP.ahk

Run, C:\Program Files\DVB World\DVB World.exe
WinWait, DVB World,
IfWinNotActive, DVB World, , WinActivate, DVB World,
WinWaitActive, DVB World,
MouseClick, left, 74, 50
Sleep, 100
MouseClick, left, 244, 50
Sleep, 100
MouseClick, left, 586, 9
Sleep, 100

There is an option to compile AutoHotKey scripts so you do not need to install AutoHotKey to run a single script.

Changes for the Dexatek software

Based on Arne van Belle's work, I have now tried AutoHotKey with the Dexatek software on Windows Vista, and found that a small extra delay was needed to allow the TV service to switch off correctly.  I changed the first Sleep from 100 to 1500 (milliseconds).  Here is my script:

Contents of StartDexatek.ahk

Run, C:\Tools\Dexatek\Dexatek.exe
WinWait, Dexatek, 
IfWinNotActive, Dexatek, , WinActivate, Dexatek, 
WinWaitActive, Dexatek, 
Sleep, 1500
MouseClick, left, 153, 474
Sleep, 100
MouseClick, left, 86, 526
Sleep, 100
MouseClick, left, 643, 22
Sleep, 100



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