The hardware
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The Hardware

I bought my Dexatek from Germany, hence the German on the box.  Service was quick and efficient, and I was able to pay by credit card through PayPal.  The DVBWorld DVB-S USB 2102 box from the GEO Shop functions in just the same way, and is the box which GEO members should go for.

What's in the box?  You get a universal PSU, remote control, USB cable, installation CD, and list of contents.  No installation manual, though, you will need to get it off the CD or download it from the Dexatek site.

What's inside the box - again!  So you really want to know what's inside?  Here are a couple of shots after the cover is removed.  Yes, I have higher resolution versions if you need them!

Top view

Setting up the hardware

Easy - the unit requires a mains power supply, and the unit in the box is a universal unit working from 110V and 230V AC mains.  When the power is turned on, both the red LED on the power-supply and the blue LED on the unit itself should glow.  The LNB down-lead should be terminated in an F-connector, and connected to the rear-left F-socket as shown below.  The F-connector in the middle of the unit is not connected, so that's the wrong one to use.  Finally, the grey USB lead plugs into the front of the unit as shown. 

Note that if you are using two of these devices via a splitter from a common antenna, be sure that you use a splitter with a DC bypass in one leg, otherwise the bandswitch signal (a 22KHz tone) from the two units may cancel out, resulting in intermittent signal loss.


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