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This program is a development of my SatSignal program, designed to work for geostationary weather satellites.

Whilst many of the principles are the same, GeoSatSignal does not process sound file data - that job is left to SatSignal - but rather it deals with the image processing aspects of the data after it has been processed by SatSignal.  Additionally, the program can read a number of digital formats such as Dundee PDUS and Timestep MPD formats.  

Unique to GeoSatSignal is the rectification of the displayed image to known ground co-ordinates, allowing the program to import and export data for use with a wide variety of other programs, such as importing Bracknell Mean Sea Level Pressure data or exporting the resulting images to Digital Atmosphere.

GeoSatSignal allows you to combine data in a variety of ways:

  • from multiple segments of a single satellite views
    (such as transmitted by WEFAX)
  • from multiple satellites to produce a world view
  • from multiple times to produce animations

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