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Ayecka SR1
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DVB-S2 tests
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Monitoring with MRTG

Over the period 2003-2014 the EUMETCast system has been the prime way of distributing data from EUMETSAT's geostationary and polar orbiting satellites.  Indeed, it has been so successful that the transmission has grown from sharing a transponder and using the DVB-S transmission standard, to having its own dedicated satellite transponder and using the newer DVB-S2 standard to provide a greater bandwidth for dissemination, and to allow the introduction of multiple tiers of service.

The pages here describe in detail how to install the Ayecka SR1 receiver, and there are some briefer notes on other receivers tested during the trial phase of the transition from DVB-S to DVB-S2.

As these changes only affect the European service, the earlier notes on DVB-S have been left in place here.

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