Puzzle 5 - Icebreakers
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Icebreaker tracks

Are these Icebreaker tracks?  Arne van Belle recently suggested that these lines in the Baltic Sea were formed by Icebreaker activity - they certainly seem very straight.  What do you think?  Comments on the GEO Subscribers self-help group if possible.

The images were from the NOAA-16 and NOAA-17 polar orbiting satellites, taken on January 10 2003 and processed with my HRPT Reader.  In the false-colour visible channel images, the shading towards the top of the image is because of the low light level in these northern regions in mid-winter.  I have also included two thermal channel images at the bottom of the page which have been rectified to a common polar stereographic projection using my GroundMap program.  These do show the detail more clearly than the visible images.  Differences between the two thermal images are purely how I happened to choose the gains when processing.

NOAA-17 false-colour at 10:18 UTC
NOAA-17 image

NOAA-16 false-colour at 11:23 UTC
NOAA-16 image


NOAA-17 rectified thermal image at 10:18 UTC
NOAA-17 thermal image

NOAA-16 thermal at 11:23 UTC

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