Puzzle 3 - Okean
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I received these satellite signals on Tuesday, April 20, at around 02:07 UTC.   The only orbit I can see that's near is Okean 1-7, but the pictures don't seem to quite match what I have seen before. I wonder if anyone could confirm the satellite?   Could this be the west coast of Greenland, and if so, are there any details of view angle etc. available?  Many thanks to those responded - I have confimed the satellite as OKEAN because of the "piano key" black and white bars, and given an adjustment of the image aspect ratio on a different run, Greenland it is! 

Iceland by Radar

Pass as received (1/3 full size)
04242319-s.jpg (14886 bytes)

I was very fortunate recently to be sitting at the computer when Okean 1-7 went overhead, and I was able to stop the scanning of the RX2 to capture a northbound pass over Iceland and the east coast of Greenland.  These show the results from (what I am told is) a radar imager and a microwave radiometer.  You can clearly see east coast of Greenland and Iceland. 

I have had to estimate the picture width as 900 pixels.  The grey are on the right is the 1200Hz sync tone.

Looking at the satellite ground track, this image is off to one side, so I am presuming this is a sideways looking radar.  As ever, comments and corrections are welcomed.

Iceland at full-size - left is radar and right is microwave radiometer (probably)
04242319-iceland.jpg (28827 bytes)


Original Puzzle Pictures

The pictures are broken as the receiver I'm using (an RX2) does not seem to lock onto the signal properly.  I've put the pictures into an order corresponding to a northbound pass, and trimmed off the 42msec of 1200Hz sync tone.

04200210.jpg (2074 bytes)
04200208.jpg (2550 bytes)
04200207.jpg (21520 bytes)
04200206.jpg (1918 bytes)
04200205.jpg (4062 bytes)
04200204.jpg (3878 bytes)

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